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Is Reformed & Evangelical Theology Biblical? Parts 1 & 2

This is a very thought provoking article and one that I personally don’t take lightly.  What you will read in this post is presented humbly and is not given arrogantly. Many of the thoughts that you will read have been the source of much debate for hundreds of years and I don’t propose to be the one who settles all questions.

This article is not meant to add to or support the current attack against Evangelical Theology and Fundamentalism both by the New Athiests, and the Roman Catholic Church. It is meant however to call into question certain aspects of monergism which are well intended but not necessarily the best and or most biblical practice. I hope that you will read as well as provide your insights into this very important discussion.

Comments are open on the pages that the link will take you to. God bless and thank you.

Is Reformed & Evangelical Theology Biblical Pt. 1

Is Reformed & Evangelical Theology Biblical? Pt. 2


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