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Upholding The Light Of Jesus In A Dark World

Holy Ghost Synopsis pg1

This is the first of 3 synopsis. The topics that will be set forth are:

  1. Being filled with the Spirit
  2. What it means to be “edified” as it pertains to an individual speaking in tongues
  3. Clarification of the debate over whether Tongues are to be used in a public arena without an accompanying interpretation.

I ~ Being Filled With The Spirit: 

It is evident throughout Biblical history that men and women of God have experienced the power and influence of the Spirit of God. That influence was often signified by using the terminology “The Spirit Of The Lord Came Upon” “The Spirit Of God came upon” or “was upon” a certain individual or group of people. The phrase “The Spirit Of The Lord” is found 31 times throughout the Biblical text. The phrase “the Spirit Of God” is found 26 times throughout the Biblical text. Here are a few examples:

  • In the book of Judges the Spirit of the Lord came upon EVERY Judge to empower them to service, leadership and great exploits.  
  • Pharaoh recognized the Spirit Of God IN Joseph (Gen. 41:38)
  • Moses desired that God to put his Spirit upon all Israel (Num. 11:29) 
  • David asks God to not take HIS Holy Spirit from him (Ps. 51:1)
  • In I Sam. 10, Samuel prophesies to Saul that the “Spirit of the Lord” would come upon him so greatly that he would become another man (I Sam. 10:6)
  • In the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah 11 we see the “Spirit of The Lord” upon the Messiah indicating the sevenfold spirit of God resting upon the work and office of the Messiah. Later this was reverberated in Acts 10:38.
  • Is 61:1 expresses the “Spirit Of The Lord” empowering the Messiah’s work and displaying the scope of HIS office upon Earth
  • The “Spirit Of The Lord” comes upon Ezekiel (Ezekiel 11:4) to empower him to deliver the message of the Lord
  • (Michah 3:8) Michah explains that he was full of the Spirit of the Lord and Power
  • Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost (II Pet. 1:21)

For this study it will not be necessary to discover the nuance and result of the Spirit of the Lord being upon the individuals in the aforementioned Biblical refrences. The purpose here is to merely make observations that the Spirit Of The Lord was present and upon men to provide them ability to accomplish exceptional tasks. There are other instances that can be discovered within scripture, but the point is clear. The Spirit of the Lord has been present and upon men from time to time to provide them the ability to do the work of the Lord throughout Biblical history.

Distinguishing Differences:  

Not all Old Testament (OT) instances of the Spirit Of The Lord being upon someone are positive or good. Examples include:

  • Saul and his army after seeking to kill David, fall under the Spirit of the Lord and Saul prophesies all day naked in Naioth in Ramah to his embarrassment, shame and punishment. (I Sam 19:23-24)
  • The Spirit Of The Lord would often rise to defeat the enemies of Israel. David most notably observes this in Psalms 68:1 by asking God to arise and scatter HIS enemies.

In the OT not all instances of the Spirit of the Lord being upon an individual were confined to the Saints, servants of God or people of God in general. Please make note of this because this is a primary difference between what God did in the OT and what he would later do under the new and better covenant of the New Testament (NT) as it pertains to filling men with HIS Spirit. Here’s one example of the Spirit Of The Lord being upon a sinner for God’s purposes:

  • The Spirit of the Lord came upon Baalam a false and sinful prophet so that he could bless the Children of Israel. (Numbers 24:1-9)

Please note that under the OT the Spirit of the Lord being “upon” someone was not be confused with the abiding , indwelling presence of the Lord. For example; In Exodus 31:1 Bezaleel was filled with wisdom, understanding and knowledge in all manner of workmanship. He was not FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT of God otherwise.

Through repeated actions and various witnesses, the OT characters understood that the presence and Spirit of the Lord upon them was fleeting, temporary, for a specific purposes and could be lost.

  • After being “upon” him, the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul (I Sam 16:14)
  • David asks God to not to let HIS Spirit depart from him (Ps. 51:11)
  • When the Judges would die the nation would go into its sin cycle and loose blessings and the empowerment of God. What is meant by empowerment here is the nations inability to overcome their enemies.

The operation of being FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT WAS NOT the same in the OT or under the Law as it would be after the death burial and resurrection of Jesus.


John 7:38-39 says that the Holy Ghost had NOT been “given” because Jesus “was not yet glorified” indicating that he had not yet died and been resurrected. Since scripture clearly demonstrates that the Spirit was in operation throughout the OT, this verse then directly indicates that a certain measure or operation of the Spirit HAD NOT been poured out in general upon the Earth. This measure WOULD NOT be poured out until AFTER Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and more specifically until the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:4.

Transitional Fact: 

From the aforementioned passages it is reasonable to conclude that being Filled With The Spirit is to come under the influence and control of the Spirit of the Lord. We may also conclude that the influence and control of the Holy Spirit under the Law or OT was temporary, limited and specific in nature, and did not necessarily produce a conviction of salvation, righteousness or a changed nature. (See Pg. 2 for further information regarding this) 

Into The New Testament: 

The same sort of influence of God’s Spirit is demonstrated in the New Testament (NT) before the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, Pentecost or Acts 2. With the exception of Jesus, all such references are EQUIVALENT with the modes of operation of the Spirit Of The Lord in the OT and many OT passages which refer to the Spirit of the Lord being upon and individual.

The NT narrative however changes the language from the Spirit Of The Lord being UPON an individual to an individual being FILLED with the Spirit. In the NT narrative the Spirit of the Lord:

  • Overshadows Mary ( Luke 1:35)(Matt. 1:20)
  • Filled John from the womb (Luke 1:15)
  • Filled Elizabeth (Luke 1:41)
  • Filled Zacharias and caused him to Prophesy (Luke 1:67)

As previously stated It is my contention that the events of individuals being FILLED with the Spirit that occur BEFORE the Death Burial and Resurrection of Jesus and the advent of Pentecost were:  

  1. Temporary
  2. Specific and limited to particular works of the individuals and their purposes on Earth
  3. Carried a NEW element of spiritual baptism/identification (aka in the Greek Bapto) which DID NOT necessarily have the effect of regeneration or change in the individual’s heart or nature. (See Synopsis Pg.2 for clarification)

Further, it is my contention that scriptures affirm that to be FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, is the practical result of the process of being baptized into the Holy Ghost which begins with the process of regeneration at Salvation. (John 3:3, Titus 3:5, Gal.3:13, II Cor. 5:17, Romans 10:9-10) The regenerative process is one whereby the individual maintains growth and relationship with the Lord (Ephes. 5:18, Phil. 2:12-13, Col. 3:16, 1 Peter 2:2-3), becomes empowered for service (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:8, Acts 2:4, Mark 16:16-18) and continues to produce the manifestation of the Fruit of the Spirit as outlined in Galations 5:22-23. This process also begins the development of Spiritual Gifts within the life of the believer (I Cor. 12: 1-11). Further, scripture teaches by example and the precept of repeated witnesses (Matt. 18:16, Deut. 17:6 & Num. 35:30) that the Holy Ghost Baptismal experience as outlined in Acts is NOT vicarious to all believers (that is to say an act once received by one, or one set of individuals, that is efficacious or automatically upon all) but is an experience objectively rooted within the WORD of God with historical reference, is available to ALL believers, and is to be received by faith, through the word, with joy among believers. (I Thess.1:6, Acts 2:41).

The Biblical basis for this is summed up in the following narratives:

  • God promised that he would put HIS law in the “inward parts” of HIS people and cause them to be HIS people in actions and deeds (Jer. 31:33)
  • God promises to do a “New Thing” in the earth and make a way in the wilderness and “rivers in the dessert” so that HIS people would show forth HIS praise. (Is. 43:18-21)
  • John promises that one was coming after him that would baptize with the Holy Ghost and with Fire (Matt. 3:11, Mark 1:7 and Luke 3:16)
  • Jesus promised to send the “promise of the Father” upon them that would wait in Jerusalem (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4-5, Acts 1:8)
  • Jesus promised that those who believe on HIM “as the scripture has said” then out of their belly would flow “rivers of living water.” (John 7:38-39, Is. 44:3-4, Is. 55:1)

Peter in his preaching in Acts 2 related the events of the Spirit Filling the individuals which occurred in Acts 2:4 to the fulfillment of (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4-5, Acts 1:8, Matt. 3:11, John 7:38-39, Mark 1:7 and Luke 3:16). Peter would later go on to preach the same message about Cornelius and the Italian band receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts 11:16-17). Consequently in Acts 2:16-21, Peter preached specifically identifying that what happened in on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:4) was the beginning of what had been spoken by the prophet Joel in Joel 2:28-32:

                    That God would “pour out HIS Spirit upon all flesh”

                    That “your sons and your daughters shall prophesy”

                    That “your young men shall see visions”

                    That “old men shall dream dreams”

                    That upon “my servants and on my handmaids I will pour  out  in those days my Spirit”

                    That “they shall prophesy”

Please make special note that although Joel 2:28-29 DID NOT say that a gift of tongues would be delivered among God’s people. Neither did he say that any other spiritual gift would be delivered with the exception of prophecy. Peter however, understood the move and the actions of God spiritually (Rom. 8:6, Rom. 12:2, John 6:63, Prov. 4:22, 2 Cor. 3:6) and related scripture as the fulfillment (not conclusion) of what God had spoken (Jer. 1:12). This reveals that Peter did NOT LIMIT GOD to a mere word for word understanding and view of what scripture conveyed, but also relied upon the nature of God revealed through HIS word to draw his conclusions. By the very nature of Apostle Peter’s action and subsequent explaination (Acts 2:16-21) and preaching (Acts 2:22-40), he understood that God was in control of scripture and HIS people.

The arguement can be settled scripturally, that simply because tongues IS NOT listed in the Biblical record prior to Acts 2:4 that it is unimportant, temporary or an invalid practice or occurrance within the context of the NT church. The Apostle Peter DID NOT minimize the act of God, nor did he try to explain it away. There also remains no Biblical record demanding or even implying that the baptismal experience as outlined, tougues, or any other NT spiritual gift ceased. One should ask, what gives any modern Christian scholar the right to minimize or riducule the value of God’s gift to HIS children or to HIS church? This subject and related issues will be further discussed in a future writing exposing the grievious errors of reformationist and cessationist theology and shall be made available on this site.

Click Here For Holy Ghost Synopsis Pg 2

Click Here For Frequently Asked Questions On Holy Ghost Synopsis Pg’s 1 & 2

Cornelius, Was He Already A Believer? 

This Provides Biblical Evidence Of The “Second Blessing” Subsequent To Salvation.



13 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Pastor Burnett,

    What is most important to me is the fact that You and I are saved sanctified and Holy Ghost filled. One day You will see me and others face to face in the Kingdom and we will be more than happy to call ourselves Brothers regardless of our dissagreements here on this earthly realm. Keep up the good fight when confronting the MANY things we agree upon. Also continue to stop by Pulpit Pimps for our lively discussions.

    God Bless,


    PHB- Thank you Kyle for your Christian LOVE and service. I appreciate the opportunity to share and all that you and others on PP have shared with me. TOGETHER we can change our commuities to the glory of the Kingdom Of God.

  2. Hyacinth says:

    Pastor Burnett,

    Although I know it is easy to do, but please do not be weary in well doing. Dealing with people of perverted nature will actually deplete your energy if you permit it to be so. Satan is cunning and deceitful. He does not play fair. His mission is to destroy. He will place people in our lives who are designed to help him. When you come in contact with these negative forces, cleanse yourself through the Word of God, ask for the Holy Spirit to restore your energy from the toxicity that individuals have permitted themselves to leave with you. Negative people leave negative vibes whether we know it or not. This negativity will manifest itself in many forms, among these are a lack of motivation to exercise our bodies and do the things that God would have us to do in order to continue to be the light he would have us to be. Just as God is concerned about every area of our lives and wants to bless it, satan lurkes and devises schemes to destroy it. But praises be to God, we are not ignorant to satan’s devices. Be encouraged, continue to watch and pray, be wise as a serpant and harmless as a dove. Reap the victory. What you are doing is very important in the sight of God. Keep in mind, that satan knows that. But praises be to God, in Jesus name, you have the victory.

    PHB- Thank you for your comments and spiritual insights, they and you are very much welcome here. God Bless!

  3. ReformedCushite says:

    Interesting read.

  4. dunamis2 says:

    Certainly NOT to exalt myself in ANY way but I know the read is interesting, but the Biblical Truth is phenomenal. Many expositors on this subject make too much of effort to grand-stand and ridicule the “practice” of Pentecostalism while at the same time saying that they value the WORD.
    I believe this synopsis clearly details the Biblical validity and necessity of the Holy Ghost and spiritual gifts within the context of the MODERN church.
    At this site, and its sister site we don’t stand on the shoulders of Men, claiming to be Reformers, who didn’t believe in funadamental elements of the WORD such as the perpetuity of spiritual gifts as they promoted their beliefs. We stand on the Scripture and sound Biblical evidence to produce our beliefs.
    Now, one may criticize the practice and the nuance of Pentecostalism that varies from place to place, and church to church, but to criticize and overlook the evidence contained within the WORD is dangerous to say the least. Further to mock and criticize those who believe in the gifts and exercise them regularly in their fellowships is boarderline blasphemy and could be worthy of God’s judgement.
    For the word is true, as Peter spoke from the Prophet Joel 2:28-32, The Lord is pouring out HIS Spirit upon ALL flesh.

  5. Melvin Jones says:

    So are you saying the filling and the baptism are the same thing?


    PHB~ So Mr. Pimp-Pimp Himself, we won’t let anyone know that you came by a Pentecostal’s web site, it may seem like you were actually trying to learn something…BUT Since we KNOW that’s not the case, I can only refer you to EXACTLY what I said in my synopsis. Please note this from the first page:

    Further, it is my contention that scriptures affirm that to be FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, is the practical result of the process of being Baptized into the Holy Ghost which begins with the process of regeneration at Salvation. This process is one whereby the individual maintains growth and relationship with the Lord (Ephes. 5:18), begins the development of Spiritual Gifts (I Cor. 12: 1-11) and becomes empowered for service (Acts 1:8) along with the manifestation of the Fruit of the Spirit as outlined in Galations 5:22-23.

    Don’t act as if you don’t know what Regeneration means.

  6. Melvin Jones says:

    By the way, believing something doesn’t make it so. You said “I believe this synopsis clearly details the Biblical validity and necessity of the Holy Ghost and spiritual gifts within the context of the MODERN church”. I would disagree. I don’t think you clearly detailed any such thing. You made several assumptions (without support) and then proceeded to build your fairly weak case on those faulty assumptions. I suspect you have been in COGIC for so long that you are no longer capable of separating COGIC doctrine from valid Bible doctrine.

    An interesting read.

    {PHB- Melvin, I’m really not interested in turning this blog and site into anything that resembles yours, so I won’t be brash like I see you are naturally. I believe that the only question that you can answer is: Where does scripture support your cessationist view? I mean produce even ONE scripture that teaches directly or indirectly that Gifts of the Holy Ghost do not exist today and you may gain some credibility. We already know that you DO NOT believe in the perpetuity of spiritual gifts and feel all pentecostals are nuts for believing that the gifts are in operation today but those opinions, as you tell me, are not so just because you believe them.

    But produce BIBLICAL evidence of your belief. The only evidence that you and other cessationists produce are speculations based on reform theology and most assertions they make concerning spiritual gifts and the Holy Ghost are untrue and in some cases flat out lies constructed to control the masses. So what more can I or anyone expect from you?

  7. Melvin Jones says:

    Again, I don’t hold to a cessasionist view. I’ve said that many times in the past. I guess sooner or later, you will actually hear it and discuss the issues at hand. But I’m not holding my breath on that count.

    Melvin – Pulpit-Pimp gone Wild.

    {PHB-What? Is it short term memory loss or just plain ole deceit? One of the first things you told me was that you were a Monergist and Cessationist. Even made a joke about how you’ll be glad to come and preach your (scripturally unbalanced) beliefs at my church for free. So I’ll listen when you become truthful. PGW!}

  8. Diane says:

    Pastor Burnett,

    One thing I have found interesting in discussing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or the Gifts of the Spirit with Christians who believe they are not for today, is they will say “you can’t build a doctrine on your experience” even though it is clearly TAUGHT in scripture.

    I also appreciate you addressing the mocking of Gods gifts. If we are being proudful, selfish, vain, or are making light of the Gifts of God because we have had a bad EXPERIENCE with other Christians, it is still wrong and dishonors God. We all need to be reminded to honor God. Thank you and God bless you.

  9. dunamis2 says:

    Thank you Sister Diane,

    That’s the point that we’re making with this writing and discussion. Although there is ample scriptural refrence for the gifts of the Holy Ghost within the context of the modern church, many critical thinkers reject HIM as if God cannot be perceived.

    Man’s theological dogmas seek to prohibit God from being God. The same was true of Jesus day. The Sabbath had become such a controversial issue that in Jesus’s time it was ok to dig an Ox out of a hole, but a sin and prohibited to heal or do good for one of the household of faith on the same day. This is the same predicament that the critical thinker has “thought” themselves into here…In seeking to authenticate(not examine)the move and power of God, the critical thinker has taken control of the revelation as if it ever were defined by their understanding. That level of subtle self-exaltation makes it easy to dishonor God and his people. ie: Anyone who interprets and thinks differently, automatically receives a discredit. That’s flesh, self and wrong.

    Now we have author’s writing books based on what Luther, Calvin, and Edwards said, and some take their testimonies and messages to be equal with Apostolic authority found within scripture. While many of those very same “reformers” DID NOT believe many Biblical precepts and especially none of those that dealt with Charisma or “sign gifts”. The old saying is “one cannot lead where one does not go and one cannot teach what one does not know”.

    The question was not whether they understood the record. They did. They just choose not to believe it as it was stated and created alternative systems to compensate for their lack of persuasion and courage on those particular issues. Stay tuned, I’ve got some good information coming on all of that.

    Please click the link and see the answer to “commonly asked questions” I’ve got 4 more questions that I’m adding to that section in a couple of days.

    Thanks and God bless.

  10. Brother Burnett,

    This is my first time to your site (though I’ve been to your sister site as well).

    Just wanting to let you know that I do appreciate the work which you’ve done here and your willingness to discuss things.

    Love to have you drop by mine sometime. In any case, you’re a blessing….


    PHB~ Thank you so much for stopping by. we are ALL in the school of learning and it’s pleasant to share and learn from the people of God. Your info was and is fantastic! God bless you greatly.

  11. Thank you for your commitment to biblical truth. Please check out the Foundation’s Web site ( some interesting books and articles.

    God bless you.

    Robert W. Graves, President
    The Foundation for Pentecostal Scholarship

  12. I have a bone to pick with you sir.

    (PHB- I Would imagine it very unsanitary to pick bones
    together expecially if they are the same bone but we’ll proceed cautiously as long as you’ve been innoculated-LOL…See, I do have a sense of humor!)

    Are you saying that the gibberish and ecstatic utterances are the same that occurred on the day of Pentecost?

    (PHB~ NO. I am saying that the LANGUAGES that people speak today commonly within Pentecostals circles and other venues are similar if not the same languages that were spoken on the day of Pentecost in about AD 33 (or so) as recorded in Acts 2:4 and many other scriptures in Acts and Corinthians.)

    If so, let the battle begin.

    (PHB~ I thought that the only battle that we are to fight is against the devil sin and evil (Ephes. 6:12, 2 Cor. 10:4) Is that right?)

    You can build a doctrine on experience, but what about a false experience?

    (PHB~ One can build a doctrine on experience such as many that existed historically and a also build on false experience. Gnosticism is a perfect example. Cerinthus built a rather large and influential following and Simon Magus just about turned all of Samaria to his lies after Deacon Philip, got ’em saved and baptized and Apostles Peter and John got ’em filled with the Holy Ghost-Acts 8. People build all kinds of doctrines. Biblical doctrine usually develops over time as God reveals more knowledge and people study what God said more deeply. The “Trinity” is an example of this type of developing doctrine that wasn’t taught pre-resurrection, but was more of a post-resurrection development and understanding of the Saints.)

    What about a pagan experience?

    (PHB~ Which one?)

    Someone please explain how we went from actual languages to pagan practices that existed BEFORE Pentecost.

    (PHB~ What practices are you referring to? My friend Hank Haanegraff of the Christian Research Institute, recently wrote a book called “Apeing The Practices Of Pagan Spirituality” form his description he names practices that are common in modern religion that parallel practices of paganism. I’ll reserve judgement on his book until I actually have read it, but most scholars are aware that parallels DO NOT indicate borrowing or imitation of certain religious systems.
    “Parallellomania” is a very difficult road to go down. Just as we deny Pagan influences of modern Christian practice and doctrine, we should be very careful about drawing a one to one correlation between what we see in the church today and what existed under pagan constructs. There are several fallacies that we commonly use to debunk Christian parallel myths. One of those is a terminological fallacy. Many times them that claim Christian parallel to paganism incorrectly assume that pagan and Christian terms mean the same. Many fallacious arguments begin with this thought. Another is the composite fallacy, where practices of paganism are amalgamated together and taken out of context to create a totally new practice that mimicks what we find in Christianity. Then there’s the dreaded dependency fallacy where one suggest that both form and substance have been borrowed to create a new practice.
    Again these are horiffic mistakes and one that a Christian Apologist should know better than to use.
    So until you are specific in your claim, we can only use this as an educational opportunity so that readers can be better equipped.)

    Giving a tenth existed before Abraham!!!! Speaking in Tongues EXISTED BEFORE Pentecost.

    (PHB~ These are two completely different classes of things so I don’t know what correlation that you are making other than examining when a practice may have started. I perceive that you are trying to use another type of fallacious argument called the chronological fallacy.
    For the record Speaking in tongues also existed AFTER Pentecost in the Bible. Acts 10:44, Acts 19:1-10, was certainly after Acts 2:4 (Pentecost). Paul speaking to the Corinthians was speaking in approximately AD 50-52. This was definately AFTER Pentecost of Acts 2:4. Once again, I don’t understand the point you are attempting to affirm or make. By the way, most churches that I am aware of still pay tithes also.)

    I submit you do the research for yourself.

    (OK, so far I’ve written a rather lenghty paper on the topic, (which it does not seem that you’ve read) do answer questions regularly regarding the subject and have preached and developed my understanding of the subject matter for 27 years. I will agree MORE research is in order until the day I die.)


    p.s. my biggest question is who is being discussed in Mark 16,

    (PHB~ Which part of Mark 16 are you referring to? The part that most agree that’s in the original text, or the part that most agree that has been added and is an interpolation? Maybe we can figure this out through process of elimination.)

    why do we not see whole hosts of tongue-talkers in the NT?

    (PHB~ Let’s see, there was 120 in Acts 2:4, I don’t know how many described in Acts 8 only that it was a whole church. There were many at Cornelius’s home, There were at least 12 in Acts 19 and evidently the church was full of them in Corinth. Jude obviously believed in being built up by “praying in the Holy Ghost” aka tongues. I don’t see more than necessary but I do see a potential “whole host” quite easily.)

    Why do we see only certain people performing miracles?

    (PHB~ Maybe the New Testament wasn’t as much about recording the volume of miracles as much as it was about recording the miracles themsleves and affirming that God performed the miracles. Volume is usually not a good measurment in ascertaining a true and powerful move of God. Need I say more about mega-church mania? Please set forth a biblical argument against my position next time. I will not deal with an emotional rant unless it’s founded and warranted scripturally.)

  13. Diane says:

    Minister Hatchett,

    I was hoping minister you would respond to Pastor Burnett’s comments. Usually when discussing these issues @ cessationist web sites, the insults, unloving, & experienced based comments & opinions come forth from them, when asking them for their reasons based on the Word of God. They’re basing their belief on their EXPERIENCE not on the Word of God. We have to be able to address the abuses of God gifts without being so fearful and unbelieving that we deviate from His promises. I pray we can lovingly discuss issues we don’t understand in a welcoming way that causes all involved to sense the Spirit of our Lord Jesus is among us.

    God bless you

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