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Does Quantum Physics Suggest Evidence Of The Supernatural?

English: This is a graphical representation of...

English: This is a graphical representation of virtual electron-positron pairs randomly popping into existence near a (non-virtual) electron (lower left). The coulomb force from the (non-virtual) electron briefly separates the pairs before they snap back together and vanish. This separation partially shields the (non-virtual) electron’s charge from the outside. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By: David Salako

According to quantum physics, something can originate from nothing.

This is demonstrated[allegedly] by virtual particles that pop into existence from nothing. It is also important to note that such particles are invisible. Therefore, it is possible that the cause of their popping into existence is also invisible as well. This would explain why(if such particles exist) seem to pop into existence… from nothing.

However, we cannot prove or disprove on grounds of experience, that there is an invisible cause or not. Therefore it is not certain that virtual particles pop into existence from out of nothing.

Nothing or space is simply the absence of something. But even if virtual particles pop into existence from out of empty space it proves supernaturalisim.


Because if something pops into existence from out of empty space or the absence of something, then it transcends the laws of nature. That is so, because there is no law for nothing bringing something into existence. And nothing is not part of nature since nothing is not real. Only something is real. Not only does such an event(if true) transcend the productive power of nature; for it also violates the principles of reason and logic.


(1.) Something requires something to bring it into being.
(2.) Virtual particles are something.
(3.) Therefore virtual particles require something to bring them into being.

It is true, that you cannot get a house from nothing, or without a prior existing cause. And it would be irrational to think that the house popped into existence from nothing. I know the example above pertains to macroscopic things and that virtual particles pertain to microscopic things; but the same rules of logic must apply to both. And thus, if it is irrational to suggest that microscopic things cannot come into being from nothing and without a prior cause(something), then it follows that microscopic things cannot come into being from nothing and without a prior cause.

But if microscopic things do do so, then we must concede that such events defy reason and transcend the productive power of nature. For nature cannot create what it does not have with materials that it does not have, just like builders cannot build a house with materials that do not exist. So, even if so called quantum particles exist or virtual particles exist, they support supernaturalisim and metaphysical propositions about the origin of the universe. However, the idea about the existence of virtual particle popping into existence from nothing cannot be “proved” or “disproved”.

For they cannot prove that there is or there is not an invisible cause causing invisible virtual particles coming into being.


One Response

  1. David Salako says:

    It is also important to take note of this:

    Quantum particles change the fluctuation in a vaccum. That is to say, the alleged popping into existence of virtual particles alters the amount of energy in an opened system.ppp For quantum particles always pop into existence in pairs of positive and negative.
    And consequently they cancle each other out and energy is released.
    Thus “energy” is created.
    However the first law is about the energy in a closed system being indestructible and uncreated or capable of being created.

    Therefore quantum particles violate the first law

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