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New Bethel/The Dunamis Word National Outreach Sponsorship

New Bethel Needs You!

We are currently expanding our radio and ministry outreach programs to better accommodate and minster to the people of God in every region of the world. Our current broadcast is avaliable on the Internet and Sattelite Radio at UCR and can be heard on Saturday Mornings at 10:15 CST. Podcasts and rebroadcasts are available through The Dunamis Word page portal.

In the current stage of ministry development ministry expansion is taking place in the following areas:

1- Expanded interactive live and prerecorded analog radio and programming

2- Expanded internet and world wide presence through live and interactive web radio programming

3-  Live and interactive satellite radio programming.

Radio, both analog, internet and sattelite, is a highly effective and effecient way to communicate with the public, encourage the people of God and spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

Since this ministry does not believe in selling the program and it’s contents to the secular media for modification we are dependent upon the people of God to assist us in promoting our programs and broadcasts. Our desire is to ultimately produce quality Christian programming in a unique interactive format that addresses current issues while maintaining it’s essence as a solid,  biblically driven, and doctrinally sound education and gospel ministry program.

What You Can Do To Help.

There are thousands of Christian businesses, ministries and para-ministry organizations that can assist in this effort by providing the necessary dollars for airtime in exchange for advertising. Through our program the advertiser (You) will receive the following benefits:

1- Extremely low cost and high value pricing in exchange for national advertising. Our rates are expected to be only a fraction of traditional costs. As we grow, your business presence will grow along with us while maintaining cost controls.  

2- Your dollars will provide national and world-wide exposure for your business, product, service, ministry or para-ministry organization. Many web email advertising organizations send blast emails out for as much as $600 to $1,000 per blast to reach 150,000 initial emails. However when an organization has multiple events reproducing those ads can be an expensive proposition. With our service, your organization will be advertised every program, in every venue, every week and in some cases 3 to 4 times per week to a potential audience exceeding 7 million analog listeners and an untold number of web users not to mention an international audience.

3- You will receive professionally designed and preapproved ads or advertisements. Our professionals will help create and design audio ads at no additional cost or charge. Another advantage of our program is that your ad can be changed every week to reflect the most current events, products or services in your location. This can be done for a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

4- Businesses receive built in protections to reduce and eliminate potential per show competition in advertisers. Although we can’t guarantee that your business will be the only advertiser contracted with us within your industry, we will guarantee that your organization (by industry type) will be the only one advertised on the broadcast in which your advertisement is scheduled to appear. This allows you maximum and proprietary exposure per broadcast.    

5- By supporting the outreach of New Bethel Ministries, you will also work in partnership with an outreach ministry touching, changing and reaffirming lives on a national level. Not only will your dollars pay to advertise you, but they will also be used to reach the lost and change lives.  

6- You will have the opportunity be the first to sponsor and promote local and community events in your area. Our programming and outreach includes an innovative concept called ministry regionalization. This concept will allow us to center unique outreach efforts in every region in which we are heard.  This allows a company to truly be responsible for events in their local areas with minimal costs as compared to other options.

7- Your sponsorship will afford you the ability to network, build and create national and even international contacts as you promote your business, ministry or organization. Your ability to network should exponentially increase in this venue. 

8- Under normal circumstances your dollars are a tax deductible business expense. Individuals should be able to receive a corresponding tax deduction also. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

What Can You Do Today?

Call us right away toll free at (877)677-6599 to speak to a representative regarding our rates and to receive additional information.  You may also email New Bethel Ministries at Advertising availability is limited, so please act now.       


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